A Dial Lock Verses A Digital Lock On Gun Safes

Dial Lock in Arizona

Buying a gun safe is a big investment and one that should be considered carefully. There are many risks that should be considered before you buy a new safe; it should obviously be secure and impenetrable from the outside yet should still give you instant access in the event of an emergency when you need to get to your firearms in a hurry.

One of your biggest considerations, besides your budget, will be to choose between a digital lock and a dial lock. If you already own a gun safe, you might be considering a lock change; changing from one type of lock to another for easier access or as a security precaution.

As always, when making a decision about the quality and safety of your locks, it is prudent to get the advice of your Local Locksmith who is the best qualified to advise you on the most suitable type of safe and locking mechanism for your needs.

Ok, so which lock is the best?

Dial Locks

Although combination locks have been around since the Roman period, it was German engineer Joseph Loch who invented the modern dial lock for Tiffany’s Jewelers in New York City. Since then the combination lock has dominated the safe industry until the invention of the electronic (or digital) lock.

Dial locks are considered to be the most reliable safe locks, and although they might need routine maintenance, will seldom break or compromise your safe; unless of course you forget your combination which means you’ll have to break the lock to access your firearms.

Electronic Keypad Locks

Electronic goods are extremely sensitive to the elements and can easily malfunction. In fact, it is estimated that the chances of your electronic lock safe malfunctioning compared to a dial lock safe are twenty to one. When this happens to the electronic lock on your safe, you will have to call your Local Locksmith  to drill into your safe to open it and this will either be a costly lock change, or it will cost you the price of a brand new safe.

Another thing to bear in mind is that electronic safes usually come with the standard 1-2-3-4-5-6 combination and many people fail to change it, rendering the safe virtually useless. It is important that you change the number combination of your gun safe as soon as you have installed it in your home.

On the positive side, electronic keypad locks are much faster to access in an emergency than a dial lock; although certain models will shut down the lock for a 5-minute penalty if you put in the wrong combination a number of times; this is not what you need in the middle of an emergency.

If you choose to go with the digital option on your safe, ensure that you replace the battery a few times a year, even if the voltage of the battery isn’t low. Using your safe on low voltage will still work, but it can damage the electronics; better to be safe than sorry.

Which Lock Should You Choose?

When it comes to speed of access, nothing beats a digital lock. However, if you want years of trouble free usage, a dial lock is definitely the way to go; with a little maintenance and maybe a lock change every few years, your dial lock will keep your firearms safe, and you stress free.

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