Arizona Locksmith Tools

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  • A flexible flashlight
  • Digital Keypad locks
  • Door Knobs
  • Light
  • Lock Cylinders
  • Panel Removal Tool
  • The Fishing Pole
  • Window Crank
Digital door locks are becoming more and more popular as businesses look to improve internal security. Whether it is lockers for employees or doors for higher security more »
If you’ve locked your keys in your car don’t be surprised of a locksmith uses a tool affectionately called “the fishing pole” to get into your car. more »
Need to get a window crank off a car? Don’t try it without a window crank tool unless you don’t care about damaging the window crank. A more »
For extra security against picking, bumping, and drilling you can install security door lock cylinders. You need to be extra careful though because of you loose the more »
The most common keyed entry door knobs are found at most hardware stores. They are keyed door knobs which simply use a key to unlock the door more »
LED lighting is becoming the standard for its bright light with very low power consumption and light weight. An LED flexible flashlight will give you very bright more »
A flashlight with a rigid yet flexible extension will allow you to position the light in the manner that is needed while keeping your hands free to more »
Interior automobile door panels are held in several different ways, for panels held in with push pins they can be pried out but without the right tool damage to the panel or the retaining pins can result.
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