Art of locksmithing

Art of locksmithing

What You Could Learn From Locksmithing Training Program

Locksmithing is the ancient practice of making and unlocking locks. Those people who have plans to enter this field will be required to undergo the locksmiths’ training program. Based on an infographic for locksmithing, a person who is interested in this career field is required to learn the techniques and certain technical terms that he will use throughout his career life as a locksmith.

The following are the terms used in locksmithing with their corresponding meanings:

  • Bit key – It is a portion of the key that connects the lock’s locking mechanism.
  • Bolt stump – It is a rectangular shaped portion of the lock that you can find over the talon.
  • Change key – It is typically issued to those people who need access to 1 or 2 locations inside a facility.
  • Key code – It is a sequence of the alphanumeric characters utilized by locksmiths in making a key.
  • Key blank – This term is also spelled as keyblank, which means that the key is not included in any specific bitting.
  • Key relevance – It is the measurable variation between the original key with its duplicate.
  • Maison car key system – This is the keying method that allows opening of the lock using a set of unique keys.
  • Master key – It operates a chain of different locks.
  • Rekeying – Pertains to the capability of changing a lock to allow a different key to operate it.
  • Shear line – This is where an interior cylinder ends and the external cylinder begins.


Art of locksmithing

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