Infographics on Explaining Certain Protection Level from Vehicle Theft

Infographics on Explaining Certain Protection Level from Vehicle Theft

NICB has provided infographics on how people can provide protection for their vehicles and prevent themselves from being victims of vehicle theft. The uses of examples through pictures with infographics are the ones that can help in making people understand what they need to do for protecting their car. These examples include the proper representation of what an owner can do and the sample pictures of gadgets that they can use for vehicle protection. With the infographics used by NICB to provide personal protection for vehicles, vehicle owners can prevent their cars from being stolen easily.

The infographics used with the layer approach starts from the first layer where the vehicle owner is the one responsible for protecting their cars. The second layer shows a picture that signifies the use of warning devices for early detection of unknown people taking advantage of your unattended vehicle. The third layer comprises of a picture that pertains to placing immobilizing devices. The devices included are disablers and smart keys that will prevent unknown people from turning on the car and take it instantly. The fourth layer which is in higher level of protection, keeping a tracking device in the car. This will help in tracking down the car if in case the thief still enables the car to run.

The clear pictures and statements included incorporate the enumeration of things that will visibly shows the things included in different layers. Every layer shows the color that corresponds to the importance of every protection approach that different vehicles can have from the information of NICB.

Infographic on car theft

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