The Real Cost of an Alarm System

Alarm System in Arizona

Home security is a major priority for property owners. Homes that offer several entrances, low to the ground windows, and attached garages are easy targets for criminals, so home owners have to protect their homes, their families, and their belongings with added security features. Alarm systems are often used as a deterrent, but can be costly. Lower end alarm systems can cost as little as $100, while higher-end security systems and full service alarms that offer more features and protection can cost well beyond $1000. So what is the real cost of an alarm system, and what makes the big difference?

Hardwired Vs. Wireless Alarm Systems

Hardwired alarm systems often offer a bit more protection than the wireless counterparts. The hardwired units require more labor to install them, and often require the help of a professional. Wireless units can be purchased with a wide range of features for anywhere from $95 to $500. The wireless units are easy to install, but are also easier to disable by the criminal. You need to access your risk factors when making the decision.If you need more information ask your local Locksmith in Tempe.

Alarm Monitoring Costs

If you install the alarm system yourself, you can often find a third party monitoring service for under $10 a month. When you purchase full service alarms from a vendor, those monitoring fees are often around $20 to $45 a month. When you add that cost up along with the equipment fee and installation, the cost could be several thousand dollars.

There are various types of monitoring available, so choose the one that makes you feel secure. Be careful, these monitoring services can charge big bucks for emergency service, even if it was sent out by an accidental trip of the system. Many home owners need some time to get used to the new systems, locking codes, alarm systems, and other features, so expect to have a few mishaps where you set the system off on accident.

Alarm Systems Save Money on Insurance Premiums

After you figure out the cost of the unit, the rental (if any) of equipment, installation fees, and monitoring fees, deduct the savings from your insurance premiums. If you contact your insurance company and inform then you have installed an alarm system you can save a bundle on your premium cost. The more protection your home offers, especially through a full service alarm system, the less chance there is for a robbery or vandalism. This relieves the insurance company of some of the risk, and they then turn that into a savings for you.

No matter how you decide to install the system, either a do-it-yourself method, or through a professional vendor, you need to have your home protected. The new technology in full service alarms has made it easy to install a wireless system that allows you to monitor your home through a mobile device. Many units come with a touch screen monitor you can carry around with you to monitor your perimeter, others allow you to install the app to your other devices, such as iPods, cell phones, and computers.

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